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The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure

Most of us have grown accustomed to the idea that Google can help us solve almost any problem, from “peanut butter in hair” to “tax audit.” But outdoor adventures remain the final frontier of challenges for which no amount of Web searching can fully equip us. Faced with a charging bear, for example, one would much prefer to have the answer top of mind. Such survival situations call for having read and fully absorbed books like this one. Written by a British navy officer with 30 years of experience teaching wilderness survival skills in every kind of natural environment, The Survival Handbook covers calamities ranging from removing a tick to surviving an avalanche. The snappy textbook style includes helpful graphics and checklists for everything from building a shelter to delivering first aid. It also includes a handful of hair-raising survival stories that reinforce how emergency situations can develop out of ordinary expeditions — providing added motivation for outdoor types to learn the wilderness basics. An invaluable resource on survival and a confidence-builder for anyone looking to ramp up his or her outdoor adventure time.

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