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$300 loan.

September is my favorite month of the year for several reasons:

  • While we Minnesotans cherish our summers, I always feel like I’m running around in too many directions: BBQs! Family game night! Happy hour on this awesome patio! No, wait, this awesome patio! And don’t miss this outdoor music concert! How about yoga in the park? Let’s do it all! There are so many great events and no shortage of get-togethers (including the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the State Fair) that I feel like I can’t keep up. After Labor Day, life seems to slow down a bit more as the kids go back to school and everyone gets back on schedule.
  • My birthday is in September, on the 12th. I’ll be 32, and I’m psyched for another year of growing and improving mentally, physically and spiritually. (And it’s an even number, which, strangely gives me comfort. I do much better in even-numeral years, historically.)
  • The cool nights and warm-but-not-hot days are just the tops. It’s my favorite kind of weather, all around.
  • Workouts al fresco = much more enjoyable minus the humidity.
  • Our wedding anniversary is also in September, on the 9th. This year we’re celebrating in the northwestern woods of Wisconsin with a trip to Hayward.
  • Some of the coolest people I know are Virgos, including several of my co-workers, who also, and perhaps not surprisingly, also match me on the Enneagram personality scale as No. 1 — the Reformer/Perfectionist. At least they can understand my obsessive, hyper-critical ways!
  • Shout out to this month’s issue, which includes my weight-loss story in How I Did It. I’m very proud to share it with you all.
  • Back to school. I love seeing all the photos of the kids going back, the children waiting at the bus stop, the backpacks, and the rows of school supplies in Target. A few weeks back, I enjoyed a dinner with the College Gals at our alma mater, the University of Minnesota (go Gophers!), and I started to get the itch to go back myself as I strolled through campus. There’s more I want to learn, in health journalism and healthcare, as well as nutrition and personal training and life coaching. Oooh, and creative nonfiction! I always dreamed of earning a master’s degree someday, but now I’m interested in new and additional avenues to pursue. Of course, with us buying a new house this year and a full plate at work, I don’t think it’s the right time (tuition for the U of M is $12,060 per two-semester school year now — much different than the $5,720 per year when I graduated in 2004). Maybe I’ll grab a new book from our Big Ideas series and find a shady spot on the Mall to read instead. (Or rather, for now.) And I can always look into other programs, like those offered through Life Time Academy.

Are you a fan of fall? Share your love in the comments section below!

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