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The Spectrum by Dean Ornish

Dean Ornish, MD, has been often maligned as the progenitor of the very low-fat (and thus low-fun) diet for heart health. In The Spectrum, he promotes the same whole-foods, stress-reduction approach to health that he’s always advocated, but he powerfully stresses the importance of moderation in all things, including the mission to eat well. His bottom line: Healthy eating is better understood as a “spectrum” of healthy to less healthy foods rather than a circle (or halo) inside which good foods enjoy sanctity and bad foods aren’t allowed. Ornish suggests that if you eat close to the healthy end of the spectrum most of the time, you can enjoy the other foods occasionally without serious problems. No finger-wagging here, just smart advice and a wealth of research-based wisdom. Chapters cover the spectrum approach, including strategies for stress, exercise and specific health conditions — from weight loss to high blood pressure and diabetes. There’s also a full set of mouthwatering recipes to make healthy eating easier. This is an updated, abundance-oriented approach to weight loss and disease prevention that respects the user. Amen to that!

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