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A pretty OK workout last night:

Did 30 minutes of intervals on the EDM rather than my normal routine, which I watch Seinfeld or whatever sitcom happens to be playing on the flat-screens and stride glumly along for 45 minutes, moving from a resistance level of 10, to 15, then 20. I usually burn about 600 calories this way. The intervals burned about 400, as I recall. (Should I be writing this stuff down?) But, I was pretty drenched by the time I hit the weights.

I avoided The Pit to let my shoulder heal, and because I didn’t feel that ambitious. Still, I managed to work my upper body to near exhaustion in about 25 minutes. I concentrated more on form with less poundage rather than pushing my limits. I’ve found on those occasions when I’m lacking serious lifting determination that just scaling back on the weight and slowing my tempo really does the job. It’s not officially tempo lifting — a formal strategy of timing your eccentric (lowering) and concentric (lifting) movements — but by holding a lesser weight for a couple of counts at the top of my lift, it has the effect of really stressing the muscles.

It must work, because I’m pretty sore today (hooray!).

Thoughts to share?

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