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Here, we offer some background on the emerging trend, and a list of resources to help you make your own informed decisions about the water choices you make every day.

Tap Water Campaigns

Think Outside the Bottle — A collective effort of major organizations, cities, groups and people across the country, Think Outside the Bottle encourages consumers to choose tap water over bottled water. You can “Take the Pledge” at

Take Back the Tap — Sponsored by Food & Water Watch, a nonprofit consumer organization in Washington, D.C., the Take Back the Tap campaign encourages participants to not only choose tap over bottled water, but to support public funding for safe and affordable tap water for all. Learn more at

Tappening — “Think Global … Drink Local.” That’s the slogan for this pro-tap water campaign that urges consumers to ditch disposable bottles in favor of safe, reusable ones. Find more information at

Tap Project — Every year during World Water Week (usually in late March), this campaign — in collaboration with UNICEF — encourages restaurants to ask patrons to donate $1 for every glass of tap water they would normally drink for free. For every dollar raised, a child will have clean drinking water for 40 days. Learn more at

Experience Life Articles

Ditching Disposables” — This Good to Know tidbit touches on the environmental impacts of the millions of plastic bottles Americans dispose each day.

Eat Clean” — In “Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Diet,” a sidebar of this May 2007 article, we refer to the benefits of tap water and direct readers to, where they can learn about the quality of tap water where they live.
Start Seeing Toxins” — This May 2007 feature explains where to look for harmful pollutants in your environment and how you can protect your body, your home and your world.

Going Green” — Feature in April 2005, this article offers more ways to reduce your eco-footprint with green, healthy choices.

See the Connection” — Connect the dots between personal and planetary health with help from this April 2006 feature.

Other Articles

The Facts About Water Filters” — This Real Money article discusses water safety and offers advice for selecting a water filtration system that’s right for you.

“14 Twin Cities Restaurants Join Tap-Water Brigade” — Featured in the Star Tribune on April 10, this article focuses on how local restaurants are committing to reduce their use of bottled, noncarbonated water and promoting the cities’ high-quality tap water. A list of the restaurants is included.

Evian Criminals” —  This Slate article addresses the new “snob appeal” of tap water and how quickly the tide has turned in favor of filtered tap water over bottled.

Water Filters and Bottles

PUR — A leader in water filtration, PUR offers a wide variety of products, including faucet filters, pitchers and a three-stage sink side tap filtration system.

BRITA — Among the leading experts in the field of water optimization, BRITA’s product line includes pitchers, faucet mounts and refrigerator filters.

Aquasana — A sub-brand of Sun Water Systems, a leader in ultra-filtration products, Aquasana offers water-enhancement systems for the whole home, from your kitchen sink to shower. It also sells a handy glass water decanter, which is great to keep in the office or next to your bed.

SIGG — Made of aluminum and lined with a toxin-free, taste-inert, food-compatible enamel, SIGG water bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fun designs. Great for kids and adults alike.

Klean Kanteen — Reusable and made of stainless steel, Klean Kanteen water bottles are great for keeping liquids cool while you’re on the go.

SOMA Crystal Polypro Water Bottle — Made by a bike fabricator in San Francisco, this water bottle does not leach chemicals (Bisphenol A) like polycarbonate bottles and will not leave your water with that yucky plastic taste.

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