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The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge

Einstein famously said that no problem is solved in the same state of mind in which it was created. According to the authors of this book, our best hope for solving the problems produced by the Industrial Revolution — from climate change and pollution to an exponential wealth gap — is to begin a revolutionary but disciplined rethinking of the way we do business. This accessible guidebook is designed to help shift companies and organizations toward more sustainable and regenerative practices using “systems thinking,” a method that views all decisions in the context of environmental, social and economic lifecycles. The authors provide plenty of studies that show how it pays to challenge the status quo: Sustainably operating companies create the best, most relevant products and attract the best talent; renewable energy and waste-reduction investments get cheaper over time. There are clear instructions for how to broach the topic of sustainable practices within organizations, along with a wealth of inspiring “how-it’s-done” stories. A fantastic resource for making the shift to sustainable business practices that can be useful at every level — from employee to CEO.

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