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Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden

If you’re starting the year with a resolution to reclaim your energy from time-wasters — but disciplinary approaches to time management just feel like more work — this playful, right-brained approach to organizing your life might be a better bet.

Jennifer Louden’s intuitive guide to time management is based on a simple premise:

Since chaos and interruptions are inevitable, you’re better off developing a more receptive mind that can function well in the fray. Her “life organizer” is an interactive journal that focuses on a daily regimen of physical and spiritual self-care to help you shift from willy-nilly multitasking to the kind of productivity that actually nurtures your spirit instead of killing it. The journal includes a weekly reminder to set an intention, along with a set of reflection questions (“When will I be in nature this week?” “Who or what is giving me energy these days?”) designed to guide you to the most energizing time-management decisions. There’s also plenty of space for doodling and daydreaming to make sure the more creative side of your brain stays involved in your plans. A handy tool for anyone seeking to bring more fun and focus to planning in the New Year.

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