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I’ve been reading Jonathan Bailor’s new (and already) New York Times best-selling book, The Calorie Myth. (Look for an adaptation from senior editor Anjula Razdan and Bailor, along with a Q&A and podcast, coming in late August for our September issue.)

If you get a chance to pick it up, please do so. There are some themes you’ll recognize from the pages of Experience Life, such as:

Bailor’s fine work follows similar messages from other best-selling books, blogs, lectures, and papers by doctors such as Mark Hyman, Robert Lustig, David Perlmutter, to name a few.

Mostly, I’ve been nodding my head as I read this fascinating book. But there have been several moments where I’ve shouted to my husband from the other room. “Kyle! You have to hear this! It’s madness!”

He states that we all have a “set-point weight,” and that when we eat poorly, we raise our set-point. When we eat whole, real foods that are nutritionally rich (from nonstarchy vegetables, nutrient-dense proteins, whole-food fats, and low-fructose fruits), we can lower our set-point, lose weight, and keep it off effortlessly by eating healthy. We can stop counting calories? Yes! We can exercise for overall fitness and because it feels good — and spend less time exercising overall — not to “burn off” overindulging? Yes!

Eating the wrong kinds of foods also influences our hormones, and he likens our bodies to sinks: “Sinks and bodies become clogged and break down when the wrong quality of things are put in them.” So when a sink is working properly, the water drains out, although it may rises temporarily from time to time. But throw garbage and hair down the drain — things that don’t belong in a sink — and you’ll clog it. He suggests we fix the underlying problem and eliminate the clog. By rebalancing our hormones with the right foods, we can keep our bodies working properly.

I’m still making my way through this read, so I’ll share more insights as I go.

The movie I’m psyched to see? Fed Up. It opens in theaters today. Check out the trailer and promo videos below. And if you see it, stop back and let me know what you think, or Tweet at us: @ExperienceLife or @RevAct and include the hashtag #FedUpMovie (and let them know at @FedUpMovie). You can find me at @clewisopdahl.

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