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The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

You need not travel far in the world of weight-loss theory before getting lost in its deep thicket of contradictions: “Fat causes fat.” “Carbohydrates cause fat.” “Not enough fat causes fat.” According to nutrition researcher, bodybuilder and coach Tom Venuto, the problem with such isolated hypotheses is that their preference for oversimplification and magic bullets obstructs the proven formula for losing excess body fat. This starts with creating an “energy imbalance” by burning more calories than we take in, but it doesn’t stop there.

Not a guy to replace one set of oversimplifications with another, Venuto stresses that the factors influencing weight loss are multidimensional, comprising a full spectrum of mental, emotional and biochemical issues. He targets negative self-talk, skewed belief systems and emotional eating (factors typically ignored by one-size-fits-all weight-loss strategies), and he stresses the need to change unconscious beliefs to create a sustainable level of peak fitness. With guidelines for mental reprogramming and developing a social support system, along with whole-food nutritional strategies and precise workout plans, The Body Fat Solution offers a refreshingly real approach to lasting fitness.

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