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Overcoming Barriers

  • “I am too busy to squeeze in any activity during the day.” On the contrary, the 10 minutes you invest in intermittent movement will pay you back several times in the form of reclaimed energy, productivity and focus.
  • “I’ll look silly exercising in my office.” Small price to pay for feeling great. Besides, anyone who “catches” you exercising will probably respect you for it and may follow your example.
  • “Five minutes of exercise isn’t going to make any difference.”Not so! Metabolic, biochemical and neurological shifts can be triggered in seconds. Try it and see for yourself.

Willingness Affirmations

  • I am willing to put energy into self-care, even when I am at work.
  • I am willing to take strategic movement breaks that increase my energy, improve my focus and boost my metabolism.
  • I am willing to interrupt my ingrained routines to try something different.
  • I am willing to notice and acknowledge any resistance that comes up for me.

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  • “I keep ignoring the reminders.” Engage an office buddy to take regular fitness breaks with you; it will help keep you accountable, and eliminate all cause for excuses. It may also help to prepare a quick list of the exercises you’ll do during each break.
  • “I’ve been scheduled with back-to-back meetings — there’s no time to get away.” Start scheduling meetings for 50-minute or 25-minute time frames, vs. full-hour or half-hour periods. For project updates and chat-oriented meetings involving just one or two other individuals, invite your colleagues to talk while walking. During extended meetings, suggest regular “bio-breaks” so folks can hit the restroom, grab water, or get up and move around — even for just a few minutes. If you’re stuck in your chair for an hour or more, practice perfect posture and do some isometric exercises (or just contract and release various muscle groups) while seated.
  • “I can’t think of anything to do during my exercise breaks that won’t look silly.” Walking or climbing stairs is a good start. Take your breaks outside, down the hall, in the stairwell — wherever you feel comfortable. If exercising at work still doesn’t feel like “you,” consider whether there is room and willingness for you to shift your identity a little in this healthier direction — even just as an experiment.


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