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$300 loan.

It’s not news that’s it is cold out there, so cold in Minnesota, in fact, that the governor closed all public schools for today. (Minneapolis and St. Paul schools will also be closed tomorrow, which was announced today.) This morning when I woke up, it was -20 degrees, and the windchill was nearing -50. Brrrr!

If you’re stuck inside today, hopefully you’re not going stir crazy. I’m a bit of a homebody, so I don’t mind it, whether I’m indoors or in the yard. Not wanting to brave the elements, I’ve locked myself away. (For a writer in Minnesota, this is the best weather as it forces one to get creative. And I’m super productive, which I know pleases my boss.)

It’s easier, however, for me to sit for hours on the couch or in my chair when I’m working from home. (It’s the difference of some 4,000-plus steps on my UP band.)

So how am I making sure to move more today? I set my band to buzz every 30 minutes so I stand up and walk around; I swapped my usual water glass for an oversized Mason jar so I drink more water (and subsequently use the bathroom more often); I’m following DVDs for today’s workout; and I’m adding in a bonus workout tonight from our video library.

This body-weight workout can be done at home or at the gym (a good day for a sauna or steam following your workout!).

Modifications for Home:

If you don’t have a bar at home, a sturdy railing could work and the stairs could stand-in for the Assisted Pushup. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your weight on the railing for the Assisted Squat-to-Muscle-Up like me, I’m doing a deep squat followed by a powerful vertical jump, and then adding in a few triceps dips, too.

I haven’t been able to get quite as low as Jamie in the video, as seen below during one of my summer workouts, but I’m working on it. (For those of you longing for warmer months, just look at the green grass! So wonderful! So luscious! Ah, sweet memories of walking barefoot in the grass. Soon, soon.)

woman attempting bear crawl

So tell me: How are you moving your body and staying warm today?

Thoughts to share?

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