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Spent: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again

Schedules that are overfull, minds that are constantly ticking off to-do lists, and bodies that are running on too little rest and nourishment all contribute to a widespread condition that Dr. Frank Lipman calls “Spent” — a combination of fatigue, crankiness and physical discomfort that is all too common. Lipman, a New York City naturopath, believes our collective energy is being sapped by the chronic disruption of our biological rhythms — the ones that tell us to sleep when it’s dark, eat food that nourishes us, and spend a certain amount of time stretching, and moving and laughing with our loved ones. To treat Spent in his patients, Lipman has created the six-week program outlined in his book, which provides daily guidance and action steps to help realign the body’s natural rhythms. Restorative activities involve weaning off of sugar, caffeine and gluten; aligning sleep more closely with light cycles; and temporarily suspending hard exercise in favor of restorative yoga. Each phase is coupled with informative explanations for key ideas and references to relevant research, like studies that show exactly how probiotics increase nutrient absorption or how a dark bedroom aligns circadian rhythms. Whether you’re feeling wiped or just in search of a tune-up, this program could help you regain your rightful vitality.

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