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Food Is Life

Cookbook author and former New York Times columnist Mark Bittman is one of my favorite cultural critics. I love the keen analyses of food and agricultural policy in his Opinionator columns. And I love that in the same column, he explains the most straightforward-yet-luxurious way to roast a chicken. Or the best dishes to bring on a picnic. Or why the best food in Paris is found in the suburbs. In Bittman’s writing, food is life. There’s no need to isolate its politics from its pleasures. They’re inextricably bound. Even when his news is sobering — about world hunger and misattribution of resources, about animal mistreatment in agriculture – the level of truth is always somehow satisfying.

So when it comes to good news about food, I trust this guy. And this column about six things to feel good about in our current food system (the increase of urban agriculture, the proliferation of farmers market, hopeful — if qualified — changes in food policy) really feeds the soul. Enjoy!

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