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For those living in the Midwest or Northwest, a good, heavy snowfall gets the top slot on the evening news. I’ve grown up in Minnesota, so I’m not usually startled by a deep freeze, and this weekend’s record-threatening snow accumulation — while nothing to sneeze at — didn’t do much to upset me. Some inconveniences in travel, yes, but, in fact, I was all for it Saturday: Kyle had made a trip to the grocery store on Friday before the snow started so we had food and supplies, including pet food, kitty litter and toilet paper. We had heard estimates between 12 and 24 inches, so many people had taken similar precautions. If you saw extreme weather this weekend, I hope you found shelter and safety, and limited your travel. Many people canceled their weekend plans — two of the three parties I had planned on attending were called off. Even Life Time Fitness closed its Minnesota locations early, at 6 p.m.

We pulled the cars into the garage early, and kept up with the shoveling while the dogs played in the snow.

With no place to go, we just sat and watched it fall, and it really was a beautiful sight.

dog in snow
It’s times like this that remind me to slow down, relax and, most importantly, be flexible. I would have loved to visit with friends and family this weekend, but Mother Nature had other plans. In the end, it was nice to catch up on some housework, read, and watch a movie. With the busyness of the holiday season, it was a welcome respite in my hectic schedule. And a good reminder to take a moment every day to breathe deep and go with the flow, because we can’t control everything — and that can be a wonderful thing.

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