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Making Mark Hyman’s UltraSimple Detox Diet work for my busy schedule required smart preparation. I would’ve loved to take the week off to journal and take leisurely walks, nap when my body needed it, visit the sauna every day and take hot baths before bedtime. Dr. Hyman recommends this in chapter 8 of his book, if you follow his enhanced version, but I had a hard enough time clearing my social schedule to avoid happy hours, so I had to save this schedule for another round of detoxing. It sounds dreamy, though, and I’d love to hear from those of you who’ve committed to the extended program. Although I’m guessing you may be so über-relaxed that you have difficulty operating the keyboard.

As a gal on the go, my favorite trick for transporting my morning detox smoothie came from Experience Life senior associate editor Kaeti Hinck, who read about using Mason jars with your blender for make-and-take mixes.

Just follow these simple smoothie-making steps:

smoothie on the go 1
1) Add filtered water or milk/soy milk/almond milk and your goodies to a large Mason jar (you can use a small one, but the larger quart size is easier to load). I used brown rice protein powder with my water, fresh or frozen organic mixed berries, flax oil, ground flax seeds (I buy them whole in bulk and use my coffee grinder to break them down to a powder), and ice. *Note: Ground flax seeds absorb water quickly, so if you add them, your shake will get thick — not always the easiest beverage to drink! Try using less, or save the ground flax seeds for an afternoon or evening shake, when you have more time to sit and drink your smoothie immediately.

smoothie on the go 2
smoothie on the go 3

2) Unscrew the base and blade from the pitcher, place the blade on the
mouth of the Mason jar and screw on the base.

smoothie on the go 4
3) Flip over the Mason jar with blade and base affixed and start the blender.

smoothie on the go 5

smoothie on the go 6

smoothie on the go 7
4) Turn the jar over, remove the blade and base, cover with a Mason cap
and go!

Thoughts to share?

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