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On Thursday, I posted about boosting my immune system. A bad cold virus has been circulating in Twin Cities offices and day-care centers, and I wasn’t about to let the infection get to me.

But that was more than four days ago. The cold? It won.

It started with a headache, then a cough, and progressed to a clogged head. I’ve battled a fever, soreness in my muscles and joints, and a raw, scratchy throat. My appetite has vanished, and I’m weak, as in, can’t-stand-without-getting-dizzy weak. But I’m pretty sure that has a lot to do with eating very little these past few days.

I’m the kinda gal who likes to think of herself as strong, both mentally and physically (the latter more so in the past year of Boot Camp workouts and competing in the Alpha Showdown last April). This cold is the worst! It’s made me feel defeated and depressed, and because I’ve had to skip my workouts, a bit angry, too.

Plus, I’ve been excited and motivated to keep after my New Year’s Resolutions after Commitment Day, but haven’t had the energy to get much accomplished with this cold.

Now, if you have this cold but not as intense, some light exercise might help, as Craig Cox examines in his blog here. Listen to your body, though, and if you need more rest (or only rest), then do it. I’ve been going to bed early, drinking lots of water and green tea, and taking my supplements.

Letting my cold run its course, however, is starting to get tiresome. Lame. Boring. Or as the kids say, “I’m sooooo over it.”

Now, you might be wondering why I don’t just take some cold medicine and get on with my day. That’s what I’ve always done in the past, only, I’d end up fighting a cold for weeks instead of days. Although medicine can relieve symptoms, it’s not curing me, not for a cold — my body will do that work. I was reminded of this on Friday, when, hoping to feel well enough for our holiday party, I decided to take some cold medicine. It hadn’t progressed yet, but I was dealing with the headache and nose-stuffiness, and Kyle was just getting over his New Year’s Day cold, so I figured I’d take control and halt or detour the inevitable. And it worked — for a while.

Then I crashed. And the full spectrum of the cold arrived.

So I’ve spent these past few days writing, reading and watching TV (Downton Abbey season 3!). While I haven’t been able to take action on my resolutions, that’s OK — I’ve used the time for research and examination. I’m revising my plan and looking for new ideas.

And I’m getting to work on one of my top priorities for 2013: sleep!

Thoughts to share?

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