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Forget everything I wrote yesterday about learning how to run all over again. I awoke this morning with a stiff and painful left knee, so I won’t be jogging anywhere for a while. MLW suggested I take a dose or two of glucosamine, which often helps to loosen up her right knee after she overextends herself.

Isn’t aging wonderful?

Ten years ago, when I blew out my knee playing basketball, I had the meniscus cleaned out because I hoped to play a few more seasons. No need for a similar approach these days. At 57, the only competitive endeavors that are relevant are ones that don’t require the use of my legs. (Scrabble, anyone?)

I’ll throw back a couple of glucosamine tablets later today and fondly recall the days when my body allowed more freedom of movement. It’s not that I miss the competition anymore; I lost my attachment to playing sports years ago. It’s just that I have to reorient my behavior in such a way that I don’t push myself to the point of injury.

The upside to all this: I have a great excuse to avoid running.

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