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Saving the World at Work by Tim Sanders

If you’re looking for more purpose-driven work, there’s no better place to start than where you are, writes former Yahoo CEO Tim Sanders in this inspiring new book. Studies show that growing numbers of Americans are more motivated by the idea of meaningful work than they are by money, Sanders notes. And companies that fail to respond to this “responsibility revolution” are doomed to extinction. So, Sanders encourages businesses to recognize the benefits of operating in socially responsible ways, and he offers all of us (whether entry-level employee or big-deal CEO) advice on how to align our work with the greater good. The book explains how a young, Internet-savvy generation with greater global awareness is bringing on this revolution, and outlines guiding principles for those who value responsible business practices above brand names or profit margins. Saving the World also contains a list of tips for revolutionizing your own workplace: from starting a recycling program to working with a community organization on an environmental cleanup project. Innovative ideas and actionable advice for anyone longing to bring his or her values to work.

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