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$300 loan.

Been awhile, I guess. That doesn’t mean I’ve been avoiding the gym, though. In fact, I’ve been falling in love with the Precor EDMs (Elliptical Death Machines) downstairs. Because my knees are shot, and I have no calf mobility, and my heart rate soars into the stratosphere whenever I start jogging, I’ve found the EDMs to be a great alternative.

Last night, for instance, I did about 20 minutes striding fluidly atop the big foot-holders and worked up a nice lather (avg. heart rate: 137; top heart rate: 154) without feeling any tweaks in those troublesome joints and muscles. I’m guessing it also does some good for the old glutes.

I thought about stretching (really!), but I was short on time and dove right into what turned out to be a less-than-energetic round of lifting.

Nothing was hurting; just no energy for some reason. Whatever. . . .

I blame it on too much budget work sapping my mytochondria. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

Thoughts to share?

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