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Happy New Year! Or rather, Happy Resolutions Season! Talk of resolutions is everywhere right now and it’s hard to avoid. Magazine covers, posters, commercials, talk shows. Yesterday, the New York Times posted a piece called “How to Keep Your Resolutions.” If you’ve been reading Experience Life for years, you’ll recall our “Resolutions Workshops” (find links below). And as a goal-oriented-type gal, I can’t help but make my list for 2014 (or grab magazines with cover lines like “Change Your Life” or “This Is Your Year!”; yes, yes it will be, I think, as I hand the glossy to the cashier).

A new year and thus new leaf can be a really inspiring means to change, but it can also be overwhelming. Many people give up on resolutions within the first few weeks of the new year.

Yet, not as many people stop striving to reach goals. Or quarterly objectives. And they don’t (generally) regularly break commitments with friends. Or go back on promises to family.

So maybe it’s our mindset, or maybe it’s semantics.

Maybe “resolutions” denotes a type of failure or flaw that doesn’t set us up for success but rather reminds of the guilt and shame we feel over past transgressions. I don’t want to feel that way. Do you?

If we start where we are, rethink “resolutions,” and make and keep promises to ourselves, keeping in mind that they may — and most likely will — have to be revised, we might stand a better chance.

And if we need help, ask. Ask a friend or family member, or hire a pro. Even a few sessions can get you on track. (I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lauren Zander of the Handel Group for the past couple of years.) A smart coaching method can be a great guide.

Hear what life coach Laurie Gerber, Lauren’s colleague at the Handel Group, had to say about keeping resolutions on the Today show on Thursday morning:

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