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After taking some vacation time for the holidays, I’m feeling a bit too relaxed. Yes, it was busy, but I’ve enjoyed some down time reading, watching movies, and napping. It’s quite possible that I’ve stored up a surplus of rest — if only my body could tap the storage bank when needed!

So I’m getting refocused. I made a vision board for 2014, I’m creating a solid home gym and program that’ll jump start my morning routine, I’ve examined the club’s group fitness schedule for January, and I’ve signed up for Commitment Day 2014.

Commitment Day registrationIt will be coooooold, subzero cold. But it was last year, too. And I’m needing the motivational push that this fun event offers.

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll post along the way at @clewisopdahl, and ChronoTrack will update my progress. I won’t be running for time like I did for Esprit de She in the summer (I’m opting for warm boots, which give just enough for some light jogging), but I will be there. Layered up like Randy, but there all the same.

If you’re participating in Commitment Day, I look forward to seeing you there! If not, let me know what commitments you are making to your health for 2014 in the comments section below.

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