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A tangle of dried red chili peppers

Back in January, Experience Life‘s community engagement specialist, Heidi Wachter, asked our Facebook followers:

Below are a few of your responses! To read them all, or contribute your own ideas, visit Experience Life on Facebook!

I put cinnamon in my ground coffee when I make it, I put cinnamon in my yogurt, I put ginger (and lemon grass) in my rice, I put cayenne in my tea (along with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and honey: for when everything in my body hurts). I have not cooked with saffron or coriander or cumin. —Louise Pillen Gainor 

We love turmeric and use it to make our own lean ground turkey lettuce wraps. —Fit Mom Diet

I put cinnamon on everything including my coffee. Turmeric on oven-roasted potatoes. —Leslie Ann Montenegro

On my eggs: turmeric, ginger, and cayenne! —Lisa Pfannes

Ginger in my roasted veggies, cinnamon in my granola, turmeric in warm rice milk before bed, saffron in steamed veggies. —Gretchen Gauss

I use cayenne pepper to season my meat! —Heather McDaniel

Sneaking it in: I put turmeric and sometimes cumin in my homemade chicken stock. —Laurianna Heidenreich

I cook brown rice with turmeric and a few slices of fresh ginger. Smells and tastes wonderful. —Anne Kelley Conklin

Fresh grated turmeric in green salads. —Renee Lerner

Cumin, cayenne, and cinnamon, plus garlic, chili powder and salt as a crust on pan-seared lamb chops. —Elizabeth Wise

Cumin in my breakfast skillet of sausage, eggs, and veggies. —Heather Ward

Cumin in my chili. Cinnamon in my oatmeal. Ginger in tea for nausea. —Denis Morgan Robins

Turmeric and ginger powder in my smoothie every morning! —Tiffany Marie

I use all of them. Turmeric is great on seafood, coriander can be mixed in with lemon juice along with sea salt, and cayenne pepper for marinade. —Maaria Mozaffar

I read a great tip recently about using freshly grated ginger — peel your ginger and store the peeled knobs in the freezer. When you want some, just take out a knob and it will grate easily without all the stringiness. —Sharon Roark

I drink a cup of turmeric tea in almond milk every night. I swear by it. —Nadia Abbas-Shah

Share your favorite spices and how you use them in the comments below, post them over on Facebook, or tweet them to us @ExperienceLife.

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