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a row of glass spice jars filled with colorful spices

1. Full Flavors

Rumi spices

Rumi Spice was founded by U.S. military veterans seeking to create economic oppor­tunities for small-scale farms in Afghanistan, where all their potent spices are grown. From $9 at

2. Distinctive salt


This delicate, sun-baked salt from the chef-driven Spicewalla company is harvested off the coast of the Mediterranean, and it melts on the tongue like snowflakes. About $10 at

3. Standout Seasonings

Burlap & Barrel Spices

If you think all spices are the same, try the single-origin seasonings from Burlap & Barrel and enjoy their superb taste. These consistently exceptional products are sourced directly from small farms around the world. From $8 at

4. Taste Booster

Diaspora spices

These fresh, single-origin seasonings explode with flavor and nutrients. Diaspora Co. also pays farmers up to six times the market rate to ensure that their efforts are truly sustainable. From $10 at

5. Nuanced Blend

Bonga Spice

Earthy, lemony, and green, with a subtle heat, this piquant Bonga Spice from Curio Spice Co. pairs beautifully with meat or lentils. It also features herbs grown by women’s cooperatives in Ethiopia. $9 at

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