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Digital workout programs have taken center stage over the past year, as millions of people found new and creative ways to stay committed to their fitness during the early days of the pandemic. The phenomenon is here to stay, as well-designed digital workout programs have proven to be an effective method for helping many maintain their routines and reach their fitness goals.

As just one example, throughout the pandemic, I’ve been training a friend one-on-one via video sessions twice per week. In just two months, she lost 14 pounds, simply by following a plan comprised of bodyweight exercises she completed in her living room. (Her plan also included some nutrition shifts and a goal of reaching 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day.)

So you don’t have to skip a beat in sticking with your healthy way of life amidst ongoing pandemic obstacles and restrictions, our trainers created a library of workout programs available to anyone with the Life Time digital app. These are my four favorites.

1. Foundational Program

Requiring just two workouts per week, this program is geared toward beginners. It’s perfect if you’re new to training because it will introduce you to and help you gain experience in perfecting foundational movement patterns such as pushes, pulls, squats, hinges, gaits, and rotations.

2. Transformation Program

This beginner-friendly program calls for performing four workouts per week, alternating between upper- and lower-body days, so you work your full body over the course of the week and length of the program. It’s a great option for anyone seeking a weight-loss transformation, or for those who are either new to working out or haven’t been in a consistent routine for a while.

3. Fat Loss Program

This intermediate-level program provides four workouts each week, with the exercises focused on consistently increasing your energy output, or calories burned.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll experience an increase in work capacity, including sets and reps, as well as nonexercise activity thermogenesis, which comes from low-intensity activities such as walking or stretching. In the last three weeks, cardio days are added to increase your energy output as you near the end of the program.

4. Comeback Program, Part One

Each week, this program features three strength-training sessions and one recreational workout day, where you have the freedom to choose an activity that you enjoy, such as going for a bike ride or playing basketball, frisbee golf, soccer, or pickleball. Designed for experienced exercisers, this is crafted to help you ease back into a routine after some time away, whether due to injury, illness, or other circumstances (i.e. a pandemic).

For your strength efforts, workouts will alternate between push-movement days, where you’ll complete exercises such as squats and chest and shoulder presses, and pull-movement days, where you’ll do moves such as rowing and lat pulldowns.

There are a number of workouts, programs, and training offerings in the Life Time digital app for you to explore. If you’re interested in trying one of these four specifically, reach out to one of our fitness professionals. They can help tailor the length of the program to fit your goals, adjust the workouts to include more or less equipment or bodyweight exercises based on what you have access to, and get you set up and ready to go in your app.

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David Watson
David Watson

David Watson, NASM-CPT, PES, YES, MMACS is a Master Trainer and nutrition coach at Life Time in Peoria, Ariz.

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