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$300 loan.

After my Crapmobile episode on Monday, I was anxious to get back on my regular workout schedule, so last night I hit the gym after work and went through my regular routine — except I built in some time between the elliptical machine and the strength training room to actually do some stretching!!!!
It’s a stretch, of course, to say I did much loosening of the muscles — a little hamstring here, a little quadriceps there — and it was on to the weight room.

The dirty little secret about Craig’s fitness regimen is that I really like how it feels when I’m lifting weights. The tightness in the muscles is a sign that something’s going on in my body that might be a good thing. I don’t get the same buzz from the cardio stuff — though all that panting can’t be a bad thing — and stretching . . . well, is just stretching.

I’ve been taking the advice/challenge from SW, my fitness guru, who’s been encouraging me to throw on some extra weight, and now I’m finding that the 80 pounds on the lat pull-down thingy that a couple of weeks ago left me exhausted after two series of 10 reps doesn’t start feeling impossible until I’m nearly done with the third series. I’m up to 120 pounds on the bench press and think I can move it to 130 next week. I did 115 on the chest press thingy last night; I hadn’t ventured beyond 105 before.

This all seems like a good thing: I’m noticing a little definition on my upper body and arms, and that’s encouraging. I’m not aiming for some statuesque physique (I’d have to do something about my abs, then, wouldn’t I?), just hoping to ward off the floppiness inherent in middle-aged saggification.

Still . . . . Check out this piece on geezer bodybuilding in today’s New York Times. It seems that a growing number of oldsters are taking up the sport (?) and entering shows around the country. These are guys who start out just wanting to get back into shape and then start thinking maybe they and Schwarzenegger have something in common.
Could this happen to me?

Thoughts to share?

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