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November snuck up on me, so I’m a little late in posting about my progress last month. And a busy month it was!


My food journal reflects my cold-weather desire for warm, comforting foods and spices. Essentially, I ate the same foods several days in a row, but the consistency has been helpful in keeping me on track. This was another social month for our family, as we prepared for my sister-in-law’s wedding, so shared desserts and toasting with cocktails were more common. The wedding was the biggest slip in my diet: I didn’t eat much during the day — between my bridesmaid’s appointments for hair and makeup, getting dressed at the church and photos, I only picked and nibbled until dinner. Part of it was the excitement of the day, part was the busyness, and part was because I just didn’t feel hungry. With the long day, dancing all night and socializing, I was pooped on Sunday and enjoyed napping.

Some of this was to be expected. I do wish I eased up on the cocktails that night, but I had a wonderful, memorable evening with family so I won’t berate myself. Instead, I’m noting my response to food and drink at social events and finding a workaround. In the future, I can plan my week better for meals, add in extra workouts, and create — and stick to — my food rules for events.


I only missed a few workouts due to cancelled classes or work conflicts, but something about October felt a bit slower. And my Boot Camp workouts seem harder: the weights heavier, the sprints more of a strain. Yet, I only lost 1.2 pounds…for the entire month! Yes, I still lost weight, which is great, and perhaps my body needed to readjust to this new set point, but November will be all about pushing through this plateau.

Leisure and Life

As social as last month was, I still managed to watch plenty of TV. I explored the new fall programming, but decided not to add any new shows. With the presidential debates and analysis leading up to the election, however, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the noise. For November: scale back further, and read a good book instead! Any recommendations?

Thoughts to share?

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