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Insightful Quotes from the July/August 2014 Issue

  • “Mindfulness roots people in the present moment, and our research suggests that it may help people make better decisions based on the best information they have in the present.” — Andrew Hafenbrack (“Making a Mindful Decision“)
  • “Nobody is going to tell me what I can’t do. If I believe in myself, I’ll be able to do it.” — Roland Schoeman, Olympian (“Inner Strength“)
  • In Germany, 70 percent of doctors prescribe plant-based medicines. (“9 Healing Herbs“)
  • $11.5 trillion: The total amount of U.S. consumer debt in 2013. That’s $7,115 of debt per household. — Federal Reserve Bank of New York (“News and Views,” Print edition)
  • “I do my best thinking while paddling. It’s peaceful, and easier than hiking the wilderness, where you pack everything on your back.” — Amy Freeman (“Paddling Into the Wild“)
  • “In my experience, exercise is the key to staying young.” — Olga Kotelko (“The Forever Athlete“)
  • “When people get wrist pain during weight-bearing exercises, they tend to assume that the problem is weakness. But, the real issue is often mobility or stability.” — Eric Cobb, DC (“Fitness Fix: Help for Weak Wrists“)
  • “If I could advise my younger self, the one in his 20s barreling through life, I’d tell him to slow down every once in a while. To learn more about his body.” — Chris Ballard (“Learning From Injury“)
  • “Even after lyme is treated, it’s imperative to stick to healthy regimens in order to boost immunity and keep inflammation at bay.”  — Pamela Weintraub (“Beating Lyme Disease“)
  • “Taste a leaf. Does it taste like you could eat it right now? It’s probably a lettuce. Eat it in a salad with a simple vinaigrette.” — Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl (“Leaf Literacy“)

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