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Boost Your Confidence With Your Posture

Sitting up straight can enhance your breathing, increase energy levels and keep your body aligned. What’s more, a 2009 study suggests that good posture can boost your confidence, too. Researchers from Ohio State University found that subjects who sat with proper posture — feet flat on the floor, and shoulders back and relaxed — were more likely to believe positive statements about themselves compared with those who were slumped over their desks.

The study’s authors asked 71 students to maintain either a straight or slouched posture while completing a mock job application, on which they listed their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the job. Immediately after, the students rated themselves on how well they would perform as a future employee. Posture directly correlated with how the students assessed themselves: Slumped shoulders increased doubt about performance ability, while correct posture led to self-assurance.

Next time you doubt your abilities, remind yourself to keep your head high and shoulders back — your attitude is likely to adjust as well. Learn more about the benefits of good posture by reading “In a Slump.”

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