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The physical, biological side of my body is much smarter than the emotional side. I learned that lesson again tonight.

I had a craving for a BLT and root beer — you know, like the good ol’ days when I ate whatever I wanted an ignored any odd after effects like cramping, burping, and bloating. No substitute seemed like it would satisfy this desire (a lettuce wrap for a BLT with a sparkling water?), so I decided to go for it.

And I paid for it.

Withing 30 minutes, I was burping and caught the hiccups. So I drank some water. Then I felt some pain in my stomach and look down to notice it was larger than usual, bloated with gas. I started getting a slight headache, and within the hour I was paying an extended visit to the bathroom.

I had it coming.

It’s not the first time I’ve tried to reintroduce breads. I’ve also tried with cheese and sour cream. But inevitably, I bloat and within a day or two, my skin starts to break out. Every time.

Sometimes I rationale that I can handle the “discomfort,” and that’s all it is — but there’s so much more to food intolerances than just the symptoms. Dr. Mark Hyman talks about food sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies at length in his books, and notes that often these reactions are symptomatic of a larger problem of body-wide inflammation. So, I may just be burping, but it’s worse inside for my body and cells. Which just makes me sad.

So no more tricking my body.

The taste of those foods is fleeting, but the repercussions aren’t worth it.

Read more about food allergies and breaking food addictions in Dr. Hyman’s piece, “Beating Food Addiction,” from the March issue.

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