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It’s not often that we’re treated to temps in the 60s in November around here, so My Lovely Wife and I were able to spend a good portion of the weekend out and about on foot and on our bicycles (the Crapmobile’s right front wheel is making calamitous sounds, as well, so we left it in the driveway).

Saturday morning, we pedaled down to Minnehaha Falls and descended into the creek gorge below the cascade and hiked part of the way to the river. There are points along this trail where you can actually escape all signs of the city. It’s a fabulous little urban getaway.

We weren’t feeling too ambitious though, as MLW’s knee was starting to act up. So, we hiked back to the falls and climbed on our bikes (which always helps our creaky knees) to explore the bluffs between the creek gorge and the river where the state veteran’s home is located. I’m guessing that they don’t get a lot of bicycle traffic over there, because we got some strange looks from folks as we wound our way among the historic and contemporary buildings that make up this little village above the river. All in all, a lovely morning.

I got in a little indoor workout Sunday morning:

pushups and some kettlebell exercises that got my heart pumping pretty good. I’m always a little amazed at what a great cardio workout you can get by spending just a few minutes swinging a kettlebell around. These kettlebell swings are particularly invigorating.

Later in the day, with rain threatening, MLW and I once again climbed aboard our bicycles — this time for a meeting near downtown Minneapolis, about six miles away. (The whole carless thing makes for a more adventurous life, I think.) The wind was at our back, though, so before long, MLW was shedding her fashionable plaid jacket and we rolled to our destination without breaking a sweat.

Note: Our meeting took place at a neighborhood pub, so I enjoyed a pint of Surly Furious, even though I felt like I hadn’t actually earned it.

Then, it was off to the co-op, a mile or so distant, to buy exactly two bags of groceries (another thing about carless shopping: you can’t buy more than you can cart home) and a pleasant ride along the river back home. The rain held off.

As I write this, the Crapmobile is sitting in the shop awaiting a diagnosis. And as much as I appreciate the healthy benefits we gain from leaving our cranky old vehicle in the driveway, I’d really miss it when the snow begins to fly.

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