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While browsing for unique ways to celebrate March (and to get me through this next leg of winter), I came across National Frozen Food Day. Yes, on March 6, 1984, President Ronald Reagan called upon “the American people to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

How to Celebrate National Frozen Food Day

According to, ways to celebrate this holiday are to eat frozen food for every snack and meal, even going so far as to go to the grocery store to buy frozen meals if you don’t have any on hand. The site says: “Imagine how your busy life would be if you didn’t have a frozen dinner to pop into the microwave in between a late day at work and your evening event.  You’d have to stop and make a dinner from scratch!”

Oh no! Not real food that makes your taste-buds water and satisfies your hunger and provides the nutrition your body needs to function! Spending time in the kitchen with other family members chopping, measuring and creating a meal together from scratch! Having time to slow down enough to take a breath during your over scheduled life!

All sarcasm aside, I realize people have busy lives, because I do as well. However tempting it might be to hit cook on the microwave after popping in a frozen dinner with already measured portions, kick up my feet and watch some television, though, I’ve found it to be incredibly unsatisfying. Both lifestyle- and taste-wise. I didn’t always hold this philosophy (see my first Unedited blog post) and have eaten my share of frozen dinners, chicken nuggets and corn dogs. But look at the image below. Does it really look satisfying?

frozen dinner

In “Frozen Future,” food writer and Experience Life columnist Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, commentates on the frozen food trend in America. She also offers insight and healthy alternative ideas into certain frozen foods she buys. She ditches nutrient-poor dinners and opts for healthier choices, such as  fruits (which she uses for smoothies), peas (she tosses with butter and lemon zest), spinach (with feta cheese and tomatoes) and wild salmon filets for a quick dinner. But processed entrees? Those she leaves alone. 

At this point, you may be thinking, “You want me to ditch my frozen dinners? But I don’t know how to cook!” Intimidating as those first steps in the kitchen may be, I know from experience that anyone can learn their way around a kitchen to create healthy, tasty food. I, the former queen of processed foods, have learned some basic kitchen skills such as chopping and cooking cauliflower, steaming broccoli, making pork chops and using a zester. Now I ENJOY cooking. Don’t let the thought of learning something new freak you out. Just be patient with yourself. Need some tips? This oldie but goodie from the Experience Life archive,”Conquering the Kitchen,” offers some great advice. Be sure to also check out Show Me How videos with That Food Girl, Betsy Nelson (links below!).

Instead of celebrating a day of non-nutritional, toxic-calorie consumption that isn’t food at all (and then microwaving it in toxic plastic), I encourage you to head to the grocery store or your local co-op for fresh real food. Why not pick up something that tastes good and gives you energy to power through your day? Ditch the frozen, fake food. You can probably make a delicious salad in half the time. Or, if you must, purchase more nutrient-packed frozen items.

It’s time we slow down a bit and take a brief pause in our days to create something scrumptious to be shared with people we care about. In a world that’s hectic and always demanding more from us, I think this is an important step toward leading a richer, deeper life. If only for one meal a day.

Experience Life magazine’s Show Me How Videos

Homemade Salad Dressing:

Poaching an Egg:

Cutting Winter Squash:

Casie Lukes has been an editorial intern with Experience Life since June 2012. 

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