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$300 loan.

This week I made a seemingly simple goal:

Get outside and walk for at least 15 minutes every day.

From the intense workouts and boot camps I was doing before, it’s seems easy. But with my current struggles to get back to the gym, I knew it would still pose a challenge.

The advice partly comes from one of our sources, an exercise physiologist who suggested to commit to 10 minutes of activity daily. “Tell yourself that you’ll just exercise five or 10 minutes, and make that OK,” says Therese Iknoian, author of Mind-Body Fitness for Dummies and Fitness Walking“Once you get dressed and get going for the first few minutes, nine times out of 10 you’ll find it’s not so bad and keep going longer.” I read it and thought, “Well, I can do that!”

courtney and her dog
So last night Chloe and I went out walking with the plan to just do 15 minutes — down the block and back. Once we got started (and I remembered to turn on my RunKeeper app), I was enjoying myself so much that I kept going. And going. We walked around the loop of our street, a little over a mile, at a comfortable but quick pace. We made it home in about 30 minutes — and that’s stopping for potty breaks (hers, not mine).

Maybe there is something to this trick!

So this week it’s all about 15 minutes of walking outside, which will also have the double impact of giving me my daily dose of vitamin D, a number that has been historically low on my past blood tests. A good thing for those of use that struggle with seasonal affective disorder, or whose vitamin-D numbers dip in the darker months of winter.

Just 15 minutes. If I’m feeling good, maybe longer. And maybe I’ll feel like swinging a kettlebell when I get home.

Thoughts to share?

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