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Today my friend celebrated his birthday, and at his party, I was introduced to his network of friends that I had heard about for over a year. As I spoke about how my husband and I met in Florida through mutual friends, I realized the power of connections, and how we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and befriend good people, who in turn attract other wonderful friends.

If it wasn’t for my connection through my friend, Jamie, I wouldn’t have met Kyle in Florida while she was living and working there, who was childhood friends with her now husband. And through him, my college girlfriend met his cousin and married last summer. I’ve enjoyed seeing the bonds forged through friendships and connections in our group. I think there are certain people, or perhaps, particular moments in life where you energetically pull in good people, and we’ve been lucky to be in that place in the last few years.

Today’s other simple moments of gratitude:

  • $2 mochas — through the power of social media, today was discounted coffee day!
  • the curiosity, enthusiasm and interest of our editorial intern, who’s been a great help to me with fact-checking content for the magazine
  • an attached garage, a rarity for our 1912 home, but a huge convenience in the winter

Thoughts to share?

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