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I tend to be a bit of chatty Courtney, er, Cathy, a trait I credit to each of my lovely grandmothers. Both Marie and Isabel have been blessed with the gift of gab, and I do my darnedest not to spoil my inheritance my making pointless conversation or rambling incessantly (although I’m guilty of both). There are a few settings that stop my motormouth — I’m always quiet in the traditional venues such as libraries or the movies — and I’ve become more thoughtful in my dialogue in recent years, but I can generally strike up a conversation just about anywhere with just about anyone. It’s helped me make friends and find my career as a journalist, but this skill has sometimes impeded me in the gym.

Most of my hour with trainer Shane flies by. I move fairly quickly through my TRX-and-kettlebell circuit — suitcase deadlifts and renegade rows with pushups slow me up (check out the video below for a demo, and imagine me pulling one side then doing a pushup, and then lifting on the other side, followed by a pushup, each time working my way to my knees for the pushup portion — WHEW!).


Recently, however, I’ve been chatting less and working more in the gym, which clearly made a difference when I was first able to get through all but one exercise on my third round on the circuit — with Shane still in attendance! I’ve usually only made it through two rounds with him, so I was proud of both my speed and my commitment to get it done.

It’s funny:

When I think about my health and fitness victories, most are resulting from a willingness to show up, and a dedication to do the work. In the past, I’ve always found excuses for not working out, and my excuses abound.

I don’t have the right clothes. I’m too fat for the gym. I’m not strong enough to lift weights. I have too much cleaning to do at home. I’m too busy at work. I don’t feel very well today, not sick, but I might be fighting something. I’ve got to get home to let the dogs out. I’m meeting with friends and don’t think I’ll have time. I’m just wiped after the day and would rather relax on the sofa. I’m sure there are plenty of instances I’ve chosen watching TV over working out — even when I could have been working out in front of the TV. Or maybe when chores held me back, I could’ve asked Kyle to take over, and divided big projects into easily manageable tasks I could tackle each evening after my workout. Or I could trade a happy hour with the girls for a bike ride or walk by the river. Too busy? How about some jumping jacks and pushups right now? (Check out “Workday Workouts” for more easy ways to squeeze in activity.) Too tired? Maybe I would have more energy if I made it to my workout — which, I’ve found, I always do.

If half of life is just showing up, I need to make the commitment to do the work. I can talk about it and plan for it, but in the end, if I want to lose weight and get stronger, I need to make it happen. Nike got it right. It’s simple but true, and the more effort and dedication I put in, the more I’ll be rewarded.

That being said, I better get to the gym.

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