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$300 loan.
a person pours olive oil into a bowl

Better With Age

cucina and amore

Given time to mellow, Cucina & Amore’s balsamic vinegar trades the usual acidic bite for a richer, smoother finish. Only about $10 at

Mild Mannered

Maldon Sea Salt

A favorite of chefs, Maldon’s soft, crunchy sea-salt flakes are mild enough to scatter on salad greens and delectable enough to sprinkle on chocolate. $6.

True to Form

bottles of Brighland olive oil

Imported olive oils are sometimes covertly mixed with seed oils, but Brightland’s California-grown cold-pressed oils offer reliable (and tasty) purity. The Duo is $74.

Heart Melting

4th and Heart Ghee

Ghee is clarified butter, which means butter without the milk solids, and a good-quality one tastes like butter turned up to 11. The sumptuous ghees from 4th & Heart use only grassfed dairy, and the flavor is tops. $13.

Staying Power

Maille Dijion

Maille’s traditional French Dijon mustard is strong and well-balanced, produced by a manufacturer that’s been in business since 1747. About $7.

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a person pours olive oil into a bowl

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