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Several people around me have been getting sick, so I’ve decided to take a few extra precautions:

  • early bedtime
  • daily supplements, including my usual dose of vitamin D (I’ve been taking 6,500 IU after testing low) and 1 tablespoon of fish oil, but also vitamin C powder
  • special attention to eating plenty of greens — I’m adding spinach to everything! Eggs! Smoothies! Stir-fries! Spinach is one of my favorite greens; I always have some in the refrigerator. I’m also getting a boost of fiber and vitamin C with oranges, tangerines, and some sliced grapefruit I ate with today’s lunch.
  • prebiotic food (bananas) and probiotic supplements and food (kombucha) for a healthy gut, which houses more than half of the body’s immune system (check out our informative piece, “Fiber: Why It Matters More Than You Think”)
  • exercise
  • washing my hands frequently

I’m hoping it keeps my immune system strong so I don’t get what’s going around. (Get more tips for natural prevention here.)

What do you do to stay well during cold and flu season?

Thoughts to share?

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