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It's Not About the Money

Money has a way of provoking powerful gut reactions — ranging from giddy butterflies to acid reflux — in most of us. According to author and financial planner Brent Kessel, these responses have as much to do with a lifetime of conditioning as with any objective financial reality. Everyone has a “money story,” he explains. That story has a huge influence on our financial decisions, and a huge capacity to wreak havoc from the psychological sidelines. To that end, It’s Not About the Money teaches you how to identify your money story and reclaim your financial decision-making power. Kessel’s approach is grounded in practical fiscal wisdom, and infused with deeper insights from his longtime yoga and meditation practice. The concrete planning strategies he recommends are designed to help foster both financial self-awareness and success. The book’s first section explores the Buddhist concept of the “wanting mind,” showing how our minds create irrational links between money and fulfillment; the second explains the eight financial archetypes and how to break their ingrained habits; the last offers straightforward strategies for saving, investing and philanthropy. Perfect for developing a calmer, more fulfilling perspective about whatever your financial situation is — and about what you’d like it to be.

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