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jen correaI started following our October How I Did It subject Jen Correa on Twitter and Facebook when I was fact-checking her story last summer. The Staten Island resident lost her home and possessions in Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, and shares her story of overcoming grief through running.

Today, Jen was nominated as the DailyBurn’s “20 Most Inspirational Runners in the U.S.” — and well-deserved, I say! I found her story of resilience so moving (our How I Did It writers get me choked up every time); the opening scene of her house being swallowed by the water was so frightening. All I could think was, How on earth do you recover from that?

For Jen, it was by running.

To me, she seemed like a woman who was already a model of strength and courage, but keeping her healthy habits helped her muster through. She found a new route to run, and leaves us to remember that even in the darkest times, life continues and we can rebuild.

“Running and surviving have become intertwined for me. Sandy not only stopped the marathon, it destroyed the places where I most loved to run. The beach will come back, though, and I’ve learned that there is always another way.

I’m not running where I used to, and I don’t know where I’ll end up. But I’m running.”

Thoughts to share?

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