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new job jitters sketches

As a (semi-)recent addition to the Experience Life team, I remember how I felt when I started my new job. Every workplace culture is different, and I wondered: Would I fit in? Would I feel pressure to start going to the gym again? Would my co-workers judge me by what I brought to the office for lunch?

Thankfully, all my worries were for nothing, as the EL team made me feel like family immediately: turns out they are a very nonjudgmental group of people. But when I read the article “New-Job Jitters,” I recalled those anxious feelings, and I knew Ellen Weinstein would be the perfect artist to capture them. Her sketches all did a great job of conceptualizing the idea (above), but it was the image of the man gazing down into the pool that really drew us in (below). The way he is so precariously positioned at the end of the diving board aptly provides the tension necessary to express that emotion. We played with a couple color revisions before going with the final version (below bottom).

Thanks to Ellen for contributing her talents to EL this month!

Final art and revision for "New-Job Jitters"
Final art and revision for “New-Job Jitters”

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