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“Just tell me what to do.”

If you’re anything like me, this plea has crossed your mind and maybe your lips. When it comes to fitness, it’s common to have high hopes and big aspirations, but when it comes time to get into the gym to do the work, it can be . . . well, daunting. It’s a challenge to know what to do, how many times, for how long, and how often. The feeling of being lost, for me, is often compounded by one of intimidation when it seems like everyone else knows exactly what to do. “Just tell me what to do,” I’ve thought to myself and admitted to trainers countless over the years.

Now, as the fitness editor at Experience Life, my goal — the entire team’s goal — is to lessen readers’ load of feeling lost at the gym. We aim to inspire and, more importantly, empower you to feel confident enough to put in the work. This takes the form of monthly workouts, Q&As with top fitness experts, and other features and resources.

In this vein, in 2017 we’re trying something a little different. Instead of a single standalone workout each month, we’ve created “Strong, Fast, and Fit” —a six-part program with multiple, progressive, adaptable-to-you workouts and detailed coaching. The physical goal of the program is to improve overall fitness by focusing on periodized strength and conditioning. Beyond that, anyone who completes the program will feel more educated about fitness and more in tune with their bodies — skills you can carry forward into the gym and beyond.

The six-month series of workouts will launch in the New Year. If you’re interested in giving it a try and up for the challenge, you can find the programming for each month from January to June in print and online. It’s straightforward enough to do on your own, if you’re the solo fitness-adventure type.

But, if you want to embark on this journey as part of a team — well, let me tell you about Part 2 of the program. In addition to the printed, grab-and-go version, EL will be hosting a private Facebook group. It’s not quite a “coaching group,” though that will be part of it. More so, it is a virtual “gym lobby” for like-minded fitness enthusiasts of varied backgrounds, interests, and skillsets.

In this space, we’ll share our experiences in the program. It’ll be an opportunity to ask questions, post about successes as well as challenges, discover modifications and progressions to suit your unique needs, find detailed breakdowns of exercises, receive support and accountability, and, hopefully, find a sense of camaraderie.

There is no charge to join the team and no prerequisites whatsoever. You’re welcome to join us whether you’re brand-new to exercise, a seasoned athlete returning after a hiatus, or an avid exerciser looking to mix up your training. I’ll moderate the group, and all I ask is that you enter with an open mind and an interest in being a kind team member.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more information on the nitty-gritty of the program. And, as always, feel free to reach out to me directly with questions, concerns, and general enthusiasm. (I’d love to hear if you’re thinking of doing this!)

Now: Who’s in?

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