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I ran out of eyeliner this weekend, and instead of ordering some online and then waiting for it to arrive, I thought it would be fun to try to make my own. I’m always a fan of cheap, safe, non-toxic makeup that works. Even better if it’s DIY.

I found various recipes across the web, but opted to follow this one from Yum Universe, which I modified slightly. I am really happy with how it turned out — and how it stayed on. Even with riding my bike to work and going on a walk (hello sweat!), it stayed on my skin without smudging.

What you will need:

  • Activated charcoal (I found mine at a co-op in Minneapolis; Yum Universe has a great photo of what the charcoal looks like when you take it out of the capsule.)
    Activated charcoal, which I purchased from the co-op for $8.99.
  • A glass container
  • Olive oil
  • An old eye shadow container for storage

What to do:

  1. Break open a few capsules of the activated charcoal. I used three.
  2. Mix in a bit of olive oil, or as much as you prefer for texture.

When the concoction reaches your desired consistency, scoop it into the empty container and press it down with your finger. Apply with a Q-tip or spongy eyeliner applicator.

Here are a few other eyeliner variations I’ve come across:

For more DIY makeup ideas, see Experience Life director of digital initiatives Jamie Martin’s post on making her own bronzer.

Tell Us: Have you experimented with any DIY makeup? What did you find to be successful?

Thoughts to share?

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