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$300 loan.
coffee mug that says "good morning"

Pressure Free

Sowden porcelain coffee pot

Stylish and simple, the Sowden porcelain coffee pot contains its own ultrathin steel-mesh filter. To brew coffee, just add grounds and hot water. It’s like a French press without the plunge. $95 at

Travel Savvy

Carter mug

Ceramic lined for the taste you intend, with a thin lip for comfortable sipping, and just the right size to use with pour-over filters, the beautiful Carter mug will never leak in your bag. From $30 at

Cool Customer

glass carafe from Hario

Make your own smooth pot of cold press with this elegant glass carafe from Hario. Allows you to brew, pour, and store coffee all with one vessel. $70 from More info at

Smooth Sipping

Thrive Market’s keto creamer

For a morning coffee that really sustains you, add Thrive Market’s keto creamer to your cup of Joe in place of dairy. It’s made with a sumptuous blend of powdered coconut milk, coconut oil, and satiating MCT oil. $7 at


glazed ceramic Airscape cannister

The glazed ceramic Airscape cannister is a step beyond airtight.
The seal forces air out, so your beans (or loose-leaf tea) stay fresh longer. $35 at

Pure Pleasure

Purity coffee beans

Purity lab-tests its green coffee beans for quality and ships them the day they’re roasted. $20 from (Use code ExperienceLife for 20 percent off and free shipping.)

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