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Maybe you call them resolutions, maybe you call them goals (Sarah Kay Hoffman at The Gutsy Girl suggests setting your intentions for this year). I’m a big fan of goal-setting, so I enjoy setting resolutions each year, but more than that, understanding my barriers as I work through the process of personal change and growth.

My plan was to list my 2013 resolutions on this blog today, but I’m struggling a bit. I’m getting specific, and not just saying “get health(ier)” or “lose more weight” (I’ve just hit a major goal of losing 50 pounds, and know I have another 35 to 45 to get me in a healthy range, so I have a target number in mind). I’d also like to:

  • Cook healthy meals at home most days of the week. That includes packing lunch for the next work day the night beforehand.
  • Do a pull-up.
  • Journal daily, not just sporadically.
  • Get outside every day.
  • Go to bed earlier. Even on weekend nights.

So far my plans are a bit random and non-specific. How will I cook at home, with what recipes, and what ingredients — do I need to menu plan (yes!)? When will I journal? How will I learn to do a pull-up (see this plan)?

I decided I needed some more time contemplating my list of goals, so I’ve been doing some reading today on our past Resolution Workshops. If you’re working on setting goals/intentions/resolutions, consider reading these articles first or during the process to help you create a plan that you are excited to start.

And keep this in mind from Pilar’s 2003 Resolution Workshop article: “Resolutions are not a one-time, change-all proposition. On the contrary, they are a cyclical, continuous process of assessment, commitment, feedback and follow-through. These four basic phases are universal and necessary for any resolution to have lasting power and effect.”

Check back with me this week for my complete list of 2013 goals.


“Resolution Workshop” (2003)

“Resolutions Reconsidered” (2004)

“Resolution Workshop: Life Launch” (2005)

“Resolution Workshop 2006”

“Resolution Workshop ’07”

“Resolution Workshop 2008: Support Tactics”

“Resolution Workshop 2009: One Step at a Time”

“Resolutions Workshop 2010: Action!”

And check out Kate Larsen’s great tips in “Lessons From a Life Coach”.

Thoughts to share?

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