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Coach Rawlins

There’s an art and a science to the skillset of any coach who can both hype you up to tackle a tough workout and get you to slow down intentionally to balance your plan and recover.

Coach Rawlins — also known as Coach Raw — is one of the rare experts who’s perfected that balance. He is nationally-recognized and iconic in his ability to help clients use movement, exercise, and recovery to discover their inner potential and live with purpose.

Coach Raw is one of the five dynamic coaches you’ll see in 5/40 Fit, our only digital training program where you can simply press play on the coaching-team-led workout videos. You’ll find a lot of him on the dedicated weekly “recovery” day in that program.

Rawlins Apilado, NASM-CPT and NASM Educator, ISSA-CPT, ACE-CPT, NESTA-CPT, 500 RYT Yoga Alliance

As a well-seasoned and tenured coach and trainer, the signatures of Rawlins’s 30-plus-year career have revolved around ongoing learning, training, and development. While he has experience across multiple industries (including clinical, collegiate, and retail), his current endeavors are centered in health, wellness, and fitness.

Rawlins is based out of Life Time Green Valley in Henderson, Nevada, serving as the yoga area lead and a Life Time Master Trainer there.

He not only holds multiple nationally-accredited certifications, but is also a pro instructor of multiple Life Time signature classes, including all of our cycle and yoga formats, our Ultra Fit and GTX signature group training classes, and our Gluteus Maxout, Kettlebell Kombine, and Barbell Strength studio classes.

Beyond training clients, Rawlins is also a recognized educator, spokesperson, and mentor in this space.

Coach Raw prides himself on helping people move better physically and energetically so that they feel better in their mind, body, and spirit.

You can find Rawlins on Instagram at @rapilado.

3 Questions With Coach Rawlins

1. Do you have a favorite mantra?

“No judgement . . .  just adjustment.”

I believe a problem is only a problem when you infuse negative energy or emotion into it. Otherwise, it’s just a thing.

If we want to grow into our ideal self or reach our goals, then it’s valuable to observe without judgement, empathetically listen, and take action to move from what you don’t like and into what you want to become.

2. What does your morning routine look like?

It’s important for me to start my day off on the right foot, with the right mindset and strategic objectives to accomplish my big goals.

I’m up before sunrise each day, which is when you’ll find me in my office drinking my mushroom coffee and enjoying quiet time. I then start preparing for my day: I organize my playlists for the classes I’m leading that day, create my workout plans, and respond to emails and messages.

3. How do you handle situations where your schedule or day gets thrown off?

Schedule changes and inconveniences are known to me as “undiscovered opportunities.”

The solution is always in front of you, and sometimes, within you. In order to see the solution, you must become part of it. Otherwise, you become part of the problem.

Coach Rawlins Recovery Shake

Coach Rawlin’s Recovery Shake

Servings: 1



  1. Blend and enjoy!

Calories: 450 l Protein: 37 l Fat: 26 l Carbohydrates: 29

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