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The change of seasons has been challenging for me this year. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been spending a lot more time alone. I keep thinking maybe it’s my animalistic nature to hibernate. But, unfortunately, I’m not a critter that can stay holed up on the sofa eating popcorn and reading a good book all winter.

There are many things one can try to fight seasonal depression. But, I decided that in order to help me out of my funk, I would return to basics. I know that setting time aside to write and/or create something each day improves my mood and helps me set my intent for each day. So, I made a pact with myself to start taking a photo of something that inspires me each day or to write a poem.

I know winter has its own brittle beauty even though everything seems frozen in time, lying dormant until the warmth of the Spring sun awakens it all again. I decided to start paying attention to the subtle and stark life that only shows up in colder months.

As I was shoveling my backyard walkway the other night, for example, I noticed the brilliant red sunset and how it cascaded light onto the snow and how my neighbor’s tree was holding its own in the brittle-seeming environment.

This morning, I was re-inspired by a part of nature that I had in my home.

Three years ago, while on a hike, I found a beautiful feather on the trail. I remembered my friend explaining how finding a feather was lucky, and meant you were going to get a message soon. I picked up the feather and it has been with me ever since.

This morning, I found the feather on the floor instead of on the little altar of nature mementos where I normally keep it. What is this little feather trying to tell me? Right now, I believe it is a reminder to tune-in to myself, and the world around me, so I really feel alive, which will help me not only be who I am in the present moment, but is also the path to who I want to become.

Thoughts to share?

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