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The writer's son eats a tomato outside.

Seeing Is Believing

    1. See those veggies? They’re from Hog’s Back Farm, a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) farm in Arkansaw, Wisconsin, where members like me buy a share of vegetables — or in my case, split a share with one of my fellow EL editors — and in return receive beautifully vibrant, organic produce each week directly from the farm. An added bonus? Selling shares early in the growing season helps small-scale farmers maintain a steady cash flow for the year.
    2. I did not invite my son to come over to the table, nor did I bribe him with Tootsie Roll Pops to eat that tomato.
    3. Over the course of the week, I grilled the corn; ate the carrots and onions raw; threw the scallions and cucumbers into a quinoa salad; used the basil and garlic to make pesto; chopped up the dill into Greek yogurt (as a dip for potato chips, my weakness); sautéed the rainbow chard with garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice; and made an Indian-inspired zucchini dish.
    4. Lest you think me too virtuous, please note that the beets, green beans and yellow pattypan squash were neglected (out of sheer intimidation) and eventually became a swampy mess in my vegetable crisper.
    5. Those chairs are from the Salvation Army.

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