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Last weekend’s record-threatening snowfall allowed me some free time to try a few new recipes. Kyle made lasagna and pot roast, both classic winter comfort foods, and I tried out a recipe for cajun rainbow trout I found on Whole Foods Market’s Web site.

mealI’ve been shopping around Minneapolis and St. Paul for the best organic and most-nutritious ingredients, and have split my time between Whole Foods Market, the Seward Co-op and Mississippi Market, which is where I found this great trout from Star Prairie Trout Farm.

troutI had heard about Star Prairie before and tasted their fish at local restaurants, but usually find myself a little anxious to cook fish at home. Will I overcook it, thus rendering it dry? How do I clean it? How do I season it? To broil, bake or grill? With so many questions, I usually avoid bringing fish into my kitchen. This is a shame, as particularly fatty fish, such as salmon, offer health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids, which provide an array of benefits, including boosting cardiovascular health and lowering inflammation. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that two weekly servings of fish rich in omega-3 fats could replace a daily fish-oil supplement. I already take a daily multivitamin, B vitamin complex, vitamin D and vitamin C (in the winter), CoQ10 and fish oil, so it would be nice to take one less pill. I’m looking to add a fish dish every week, so send me your recipes and I’ll give ’em a try. My favorites will make the blog!

If you are looking for more guidance on shopping for fish, check out “Good Fishing” in our June 2010 issue of Experience Life, or find recipes in Fish Forever by fishmonger Paul Johnson.

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