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$300 loan.

Last night, Kyle and Chloe and I made our way around a lake near our house. Or, that was the plan.

It’s not a terribly large lake to walk around: maybe 1 hour to walk and 30 minutes to run? The neighbors estimate it’s about 3 miles around, which would make it a great route for my 5K training.


We found ourselves near a prairie at one point (this can’t be right), then spit out onto side streets with unfamiliar names — clearly streets we haven’t driven down or past before.

So where the heck were we?

It was getting dark, so we started to hustle with only my phone as a guide. My maps program outlined the streets, but not the off-road trails, so we were out of luck to find our way back to the main trail that hugs the lake.

While it wasn’t the preferred path, we did get a nice tour of the north side of the lake. New houses we hadn’t seen before, some set up with Halloween decorations. We found a few hawk feathers in the ditches, and evidence of wildlife in the grasses.

And I noted two things:

  • Chloe is a terrific running buddy, as always, but poor girl is getting old and tires much faster than before. Her body may not want to keep up, but her enthusiasm keeps her going. What’s around the next corner, Mom?! Let’s go sniff that pile of dirt!
  • Kyle’s pace is perfect for me to work on my endurance training. He’s 6 feet, and I squeak in at 5 feet 5 inches, so his long legs allow him to walk much faster than myself. I normally end up speed-walking next to him, but during our walk, I kept up a nice steady jog. And a few times we both took off running when Chloe prompted us to move. There was a new pile of dirt to smell, after all.

It’s not the path we meant to take, and where we ended up was safe and sound at home, but the explorations along the way were worth the detour.

The main trail? I’ll find it. Eventually.

Thoughts to share?

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