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In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I’m blessed to be expecting my second baby girl in early June. I haven’t talked much, however, about how I am just ITCHING to get back to my regular workout routine: three to four days a week of strength training, two to three cardio sessions, and a yoga class or two, if I can squeeze it all in. I love, love, love being active.

I’ve been staying in relatively good shape this pregnancy by doing lots of prenatal yoga (both as a student and teacher), focusing on body-weight strength training (I can still do 20 real pushups!), and walking. Sometimes, though, I just want to run. The other day, for instance, I was out for a walk, and I longed to move a little quicker and breathe a little heavier as I pounded the pavement. Intense low-back and pelvic pain prevented that … and has been a limiting factor in how I’ve moved since about 20 weeks. “You’re walking like you’re pregnant,” came out of my dear husband’s mouth around 24 weeks!

So in preparation for the day my midwife clears me to resume “normal” activities, I just signed up for my comeback event: the Esprit de She 5K Run on September 19, 2013. I CANNOT wait to start training for this event, and to later come together with hundreds of other women who are making their health and fitness a priority amidst crazy professional and personal schedules.

With that in mind, I invite you to follow my training journey here come early to mid-July — depending on when baby girl arrives! I’m sure there will be lots of hiccups along the way as I figure out how to balance two kiddos and a self-care schedule, yet I’m really excited to rise to the challenge.

Finally, if you’re in the Twin Cities and want to join me and other members of the Experience Life team for this or other Esprit de She races, we’d love to have you — even if you just want to meet up for some shopping and a drink at the post-race night market. Let us know by emailing us at with the subject line “Esprit de She Party.”

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