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The buff guy last night (is he at the gym every night?!?) had a T-shirt with arrows pointing to his biceps! Very subtle.

. . . Of course, when you’ve built a body like this guy has, why not advertise?

I’m actually surprised by how little muscle flaunting goes on downstairs, given all the ripped bodies that populate the place.

Anyway, I wasn’t doing any posturing last night. I cranked out six 30-second intervals (with a minute between them) on the bike, while watching the Twins eke out a win against the Mariners on one TV screen and Democratic Party delegates nominate Barack Obama on another one. Sweating through history at an average heart rate of 110.

Maybe that all took too much out of me, or something, but when I shuffled over to the resistance machinery, I just didn’t have much juice left. Usually I’ll run through a 30-minute lifting routine, but last night I felt like a real wuss. I did a few reps here and there, but I was still sore from Monday’s workout and my energy level was really low, so I retreated to the locker room after only about 15 minutes.

My Friday workout will include canoeing on Lake Hiawatha, so I won’t  be back at the gym until Monday. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Thoughts to share?

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